Developing a Business Plan for Chemical Producers in China

Developing a Business Plan for Chemical Producers in China

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One of the world's top 10 agrochemicals companies is expected to substantially increase market share in China through the acquisition of several potential Chinese chemical companies. 

However, without a formal strategic planning process to analyze the marketplace of those companies, this effort posed risk and great uncertainty regarding the future of those companies. 

Tefen was asked to help develop an in depth five-year business plan for each one of those potential companies and assist in acquiring a strategic planning capability.


We began by conducting thorough market research to gain a clear understanding of the main trends and drivers of each one of the company's product lines. We also analyzed the products value chain and conducted a regional review of the market characteristics in China.

This knowledge was essential in order to understand and predict the future performance of those companies. 

Through long sessions with the company's top managers and key figures, we formed detailed business plans including analysis of financial projections. We focused on key lines in the profit and loss account, and compared them to both historical results and the current year’s outturn. We also assessed all assumptions to determine if they were realistic or not.


Tefen's work provided an in-depth analysis over the main drivers and implications of each one of the companies, serving as a framework to monitor business performance and goals.

The business plan was then used as the basis for fundraising applications, securing finances for future transactions.

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