Designing and Implementing Lean Methodologies - for a major pharma QC Lab

Designing and Implementing Lean Methodologies - for a Major Pharma QC Lab 


  • Client was recently acquired by a major generic pharmaceutical producer
  • Parent company required that client QC lab launch a performance improvement program


  • No effective metrics to aid in performance enhancement
  • No channels to communicate metrics across organization levels or areas
  • All labs faced workflow issues from lacking time standards, inaccurate capacity planning and ineffective scheduling tools
  • No supplies management system and ineffective lab layouts led to a poor flow of supplies and significant time wasted for chemists
  • Some members of the client team were resistant to change in policies and procedures and unable to provide sufficient support for smooth implementation

 Tools & Methodology

  • Data collection and analysis, staff interviews, and multi-observation studies allowed Tefen to diagnose key issues and identify performance gaps.
  • Conducted time studies to design capacity models and scheduling tools
  • Created standardized metrics, automated charts, and visual boards
  • Implemented 5S
  • All labs embraced a culture of continuous improvement
  • Trained a team of analysts in each lab to lead the efforts to sustain Tefen initiatives
  • Established and documented systems and processes to ensure feasible sustainability


  • Improved productivity and quality from tracking performance and highlighting risks
  • Increased OTD, RFT, quality, efficiency by implementing planning and scheduling tools
  • Reduced costs and time wasted as well as better compliance, quality, productivity, and OTD from 5S implementation
  • Improved analyst motivation and effectiveness with the continuous improvement culture
  • Sustained increases productivity, quality, and compliance and sustained reductions in time and cost wasted from the Lean Methodology analyst training program

Let's work together!

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