Productivity Improvements for Largest Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Productivity Improvements for Largest Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Background & Challenge

  • Client faced difficulties releasing fully-tested pharmaceutical batches on time. No understanding of its own capacity and cycle times
    Lab analysts were underutilized

Approach, Tools & Methodology

  • Conducted interviews, multi-observational study, and data collection and analysis to diagnose the lab’s operational problems
  • Designed a detailed program of change to meet the desired performance targets
  • Conducted pilot programs to test the efficacy of KPI indicators
  • Implemented our recommendations over a three-month period which included staff training, KPI measurement and reporting, capacity modeling, and 5S


  • Test output increased by as much as 100% in some areas with no additional labor
  • 5S program and pre-prepared lab testing kits reduced the non-value added activity of the analysts
  • Lab organization prevented sample cross-contamination, reducing lab errors and investigations
  • Capacity model painted a clear picture of required resources over the next year
  • Visual management tools in the raw material lab helped reduce its backlog by about 15%

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