Layout Optimization at Major Biotech Firm

Layout Optimization at Major Biotech Firm

I. Problem Description

A large biopharmaceutical firm had been growing at a rapid pace due to multiple product introductions and higher than expected demand for key products. The transition from an R&D focused company to one that required scaleable manufacturing capabilities caused the company to undergo growing pains. In addition, increasing FDA scrutiny required the client to focus efforts on ensuring compliant manufacturing processes.

The company set a major initiate to improve overall efficiency in their manufacturing plants. Tefen was called in to create a Corporate Standardization Program. The first of a series of projects focused on the manufacturing floor layout and its line workers.

II. Objectives

Optimizing layout design for a new high speed production line.
• Enhancing performance measurement and data tracking.
• Improving organization of labor on the production line.
• Changing work methods to reduce waste in the process.
• Defining production standards based on engineering time studies.

Five Phase Layout Methodology

III. Results

Optimizing Layout and work methods lead to an improvement of 50% in line efficiency through increased output per headcount.


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