Network Transformation Program for a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Network Transformation Program for a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer


 After receiving multiple FDA warning letters, a multinational pharmaceutical company needed to improve their quality control department. 


  • No tracking of industry-standard KPIs.
  • Not consistent balanced scorecard for reporting metrics from each site.
  • Overtime needed to maintain high levels of on time delivery.
  • Limited communication between sites’ QC departments and between QC and production.
  • Little similarity among sites’ organizational structures causing inefficiency at analyst and supervisor levels.


  • Conducted an accelerated diagnostic (multi-observational study and interviews) at 4 of 14 sites
  • Initiated continuous improvement programs
  • Collected data from all sites for benchmarking and analysis
  • Developed a network strategy for continuous improvement based on benchmark and analysis findings
  • Created a balanced scorecard of metrics to for each site, using the same metrics definitions network wide.
  • Introduced Lean tools to the QC labs to reduce costs and improve efficiency.


  • Launched continuous improvement programs with expected efficiency gains of 8-19% annually.
  • Provided a balanced scorecard to each site in the network to report KPIs in a uniform manner.
  • Developed a network strategy which identified many improvement opportunities within the network.


  • The client presented the unique challenge of having very few performance metrics being tracked making baseline and target performance levels harder to quantify. 
  • On projects with multiple streams and sub projects going on at once it is important to maintain communication to maximize synergies.

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