Transforming a Medical Devices Client into a LEAN Unit

Transforming a Medical Devices Client into a LEAN Unit

Client – A medical device manufacturer

  • Tefen was asked to transform the customer into a LEAN operational unit.
  • Tefen conducted a diagnostics study, a detailed design and implementation phase.

Current state:

  • Production:
    Production volume is not aligned with actual demand
    The number of FTEs is substantially higher then needed
    Spaghetti chart showed a substantial waste on walks
    No management control over employee efficiency
  • Planning:
    Erratic demand resulted in peaks for production line
    No communication between sales & operations, no planning process.

Spaghetti chart:
 Spaghetti chart medical device
What have we done:

  • Production:
  •  transforming  production using Lean principles:
    • Create a Continuous Flow process based on “Cells” – Eliminating all types of wastes
    • Defining  TAKT time for each product – aligning production volume to actual demand
    • Designing a new production floor layout to support the Lean principles
    • Implementing a “Water Spider”  Lean material handling method called
  • Planning:
    • Implementing a S&OP process to improve forecast and stabilize the production plan

Adjusting production to TAKT:

Takt time Graph medical device 

Layout – Product “Cells”:

Long term flow

  • Reduction of required FTEs by 42%
  • Cycle time reduction of ~40% (20 minute11 minutes per product)
  • Space reduction of ~40%
  • Planning – Implementation of S&OP process supporting forecast and production leveling

Cycle time reduction:

Cycle time graph


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