Defining an HR Strategy for a Global Dairy Producer and Manufacturer

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  • A global dairy manufacturer and distributer with more than 6,000 employees could not achieve its defined business goals. This was partly the result of the changing business world, but also of changes in the HR management processes.
  • The changes that were made in HR led the HR department to have no existing human asset strategy. Moreover, the processes involved in HR's management were not entirely carried out (such as preserving employees, developing the abilities of existing employees, etc.).
  • HR strategy is a critical factor in an organization’s success, as the company as a whole relies eventually on its employees. Therefore, the client asked Tefen to help it build a strategy best fit to its organizational needs.

The Challenges

  • Mapping an organization of 6,000 employees and dividing its human asset into groups, in order to build the strategy best suited to the organization’s needs and goals
  • The operational structure of the organization is based upon independent units: each one has a scattered human resource policy, which lacks the view of the organization as a whole

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Before defining HR strategy, Tefen considered the human asset and organizational asset

Actions taken prior to definition:

  • Mapping of existing situation of the HR department
  • Mapping of all employees in the organization
  • Dividing employees into groups, in order to achieve the organization's goals
  • Determining who are the employees that will be in main focus

Afterwards, a set of main hypothesizes were built for each team. The guidelines were:

  • Which aspects did each group strategy have?
  • What are the alternatives to realize the aimed action?
  • Identifying supportive authorities that will allow the realization of the actions, such as compatible organizational structure, etc.

A gap analysis for each group was performed according to the suggested hypothesizes

Eventually, the recommended approaches of hypothesis implementation for each employees’ group/s in focus were selected

Consolidation of HR Department operational strategy

  • Benchmarking knowledge regarding HR departments’ operation and positions
  • Defining management’s emphasis for the realization of HR’s operations in the organization’s factories
  • Analyzing HR’s positions in the different units
  • Several alternatives for operational structure of the HR department were suggested, while relating to the forefront of knowledge, the business goals and the organization’s unique operational structure


Ilana Weissberg, Content Manager



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