Aviation & Transportation

Aviation and transportation companies are facing major operational challenges, particularly related to accommodating tremendous growth while maintaining service levels and profitability, in highly competitive and volatile markets.

Tefen is helping some of the world's best known aviation and transportation companies expand their operations, while remaining flexible – and ensuring that customer services are maintained and improved. Our renowned 8-step process for organisational redesign, that lead our clients all the way through vision & concept definition to planning & mobilisation, has enabled our clients to reap the benefits of streamlined business functions.

While doing so, Tefen assists in properly implementing organisational redesign, thus allowing to focus on those activities that are of greatest benefit to the business. Focusing on value-adding activities and bringing responsibility closer to the process and out of the hands of middle management, reflects in greater process efficiency and capability of staff.

Tefen utilises Operational Excellence/Lean Six Sigma framework, as well as a Strategy and business development approach.

* Train presentation Won an industry award for the project: 
The project improved the process for trains cleaning to improve planning and scheduling, control room communication and best practice benchmarking. Also, observational studies to identify process efficiencies were conducted and achieved impressive results.

Operational Excellence/Lean Six Sigma Framework

Under an overall of Operational Excellence/Lean Six Sigma framework, Tefen specialises in:

  •  Train Crew and Drivers Efficiency
    Tefen ensures that staffing decision making is made with the best information possible, so that the cheapest way to staff trains or buses is chosen.
  • Engineering Efficiency
    Monitoring engineering efficiency allows improving the utilisation of this important work force, as well as improving the available time for rolling stock/locomotive and the for trains and buses (dwell time). This utilisation is conducted through Lean and Lean track initiatives, such as dedicated bays for specific activities, matching engineers' skills and allocated tasks, bringing lean principles to workplace layout and processes, and more.
  • Asset Management
    Tefen ensures that all assets are recorded, maintained and replenished in a cost effective and efficient way. This is conducted through a Total Asset Management (TAM) framework, focusing on selection of AM strategy, professionalising project management, clear goals and KPIs for managing assets. 
  • Baggage Handlers - People Utilisation
    This focus ensures that the teams on the ground are well utilised and productive. The process and practices for improvement are identified through MOS (multi-observational study). In the framework of this emphasis, Tefen helps in designing an improved planning and scheduling, process development for managing non-standard events (delays, emergencies, staff shortages), Cultural change – self managed teams, Air side communications, up to date information; and implement and own Targeted KPIs at the right level, design Leading KPIs, and more.

Strategy and Business Development

Strategy and Business Development under Tefen's support enhances companies' effort in increasing market share in the Transportation market. This includes:

  • Contract selection
    Tefen ensures that when new opportunities are identified, any bids placed are either strategically sound or operationally sound. This includes understanding staffing peaks and troughs, matching proposed routes to existing staffing profiles, and fully understanding contingencies for delays.
  • Bid Support
    We assist our clients all through the bid support process, helping in making route or franchise bids more competitive. We also assist in building in expected efficiencies through OpEx projects, showing evidence of how the existing performance can be improved.


Let's work together!

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