Manufacturing & Quality

Manufacturing and Quality Excellence

Manufacturing excellence is a practice that aims to improve the way organizations plan, execute and manage the delivery of products to their customers. 
Manufacturing excellence starts with operational strategy, which is the basis for decisions like where to manufacture certain products, whether to make or buy and how to continuously sustain operations in the most effective way. Tefen's manufacturing expertise has been perfected in the last decade and now includes an array of methodologies and tools to support successful business transformations.

Tefen Management Consulting’s world-wide manufacturing experts have a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of a variety of proven methodologies that will assist you to identify, deploy and manage manufacturing excellence transformation programs using benchmarking information and best practice processes. 
A manufacturing improvement program usually targets strategic decisions and primarily aims to optimize quality, service and cost performance across the value chain. These goals support organizations in maintaining competitiveness and ensure business sustainability. Typical programs have over 3:1 return on investment.

Our manufacturing practice includes the following methodologies and other techniques that have been perfected since Tefen’s founding.

Quality Management

Tefen has extensive experience with quality improvement projects in a variety of industries.

These range from quality strategy formation to quality process design and implementation. Benefits include improved Right First Time performance, improved reliability, consistency and repeatability of products and services.
Tefen holds a specific and unique knowledge of QA & QC operations in the life-science industry and manufacturing sectors, including:

  • QA & QC organizational design
  • Lab resource planning and scheduling
  • Productivity improvement
  • Delivery reliability improvement
  • Laboratory layout design

Lean Manufacturing

Tefen’s Lean program focuses on improving effectiveness by eliminating all non-value-adding activities. Our Lean approach helps our customers deliver quality products, at the right time and at a minimal cost. Our team of experts will lead you through the lean transformation using both technical lean tools and strong change management techniques to sustain the change and create a continuous improvement culture. 

Six Sigma

For more than two decades, we have been assisting our customers achieve their business objectives by implementing the 6 Sigma methodology. Our group of ASQ certified Six Sigma Black Belts supports our customers in various ways, ranging from training, coaching and certifying employees to implement support for Green Belt and Black Belt projects.

Capacity Planning and OEE

Tefen provides a set of services that supports the organization's goals, such as our full capacity assessment, long-term and short-term capacity model design, FTE requirement model design, and other related services.

Our OEE methodology has proven itself over the years with hundreds of performance improvement implementations world-wide in a variety of industries. 

Facility Design

Tefen has performed many successful projects in this area, using our comprehensive knowledge and experience in layout design. Facility layout design has a major impact on a plant's operational performance. Material flow, people movements, work in progress locations as well as work environment optimization are critical drivers for reaching excellent operational performance.

Quality Management

Quality Assurance and Control organizations face a multitude of demands, including reduced cycle-time, increased efficiency, improved right-first-time levels, and better schedule adherence. They are always under pressure to control cost, quality, reliability and speed, while complying with regulatory requirements.

Through a holistic approach that includes people, procedures, processes and systems, we help produce a quality culture that can overcome all of the above demands.

Tefen has extensive experience around the globe in quality improvement projects, and holds vast knowledge of QA & QC operations in the life-sciences and manufacturing sectors, including:

QA & QC Organizational Design

We design QA and QC organizations using our renowned 8-step approach, focusing first on business process optimization, then on organizational alignment and sizing.

Labs Resource Planning and Scheduling

We support labs by implementing planning processes with innovative planning & scheduling tools to optimize lab operations and service levels.

Productivity Improvement

We help QA and QC operations reduce operating costs by streamlining processes, improving flow and increasing operational speed. This ultimately delivers the same output with fewer required resources.

Delivery Reliability Improvement

We support our clients in identifying root causes for failing to meet service levels, and lead them through the implementation process for cycle time reduction and service level enhancement.

Laboratory Layout Design

We help companies design their labs to maximize service level while reducing operational costs. We maximize service level through equipment utilization, ergonomics and support for work processes.

Our advanced quality toolbox includes tools such as CAPA (corrective action / preventive action), FMEA (failure mode & effects analysis) and RCE (root cause elimination). These tools are supported by methodologies such as Lean and Six Sigma and have been extremely effective in developing the building blocks of corporate quality policy and strategy. Furthermore, they have a major business impact on performance.

Lean Manufacturing

Tefen’s lean program helps our clients deliver quality products, at the right time, at minimal cost. It focuses on improving effectiveness by eliminating all non-value-adding activities – activities that add cost not value.

Tefen has many years’ experience in leading successful lean transformations with some of the largest companies in the world, across a variety of industries including manufacturing, finance, healthcare and others. For many years, our professional teams have been supporting our customers to achieve their objectives by implementing enhanced, efficient and effective business processes.

These processes are designed using the lean methodology, reducing all the categories of waste (MUDA) and focusing on value-adding process steps.

Our teams of experts are highly skilled at handling the great challenge of implementing lean transformations in an organization. They are trained in all the lean tools (Gemba kaizen, current & future state VSMs, 5S, visual control, TPM, SMED, Poka-Yoke, problem solving, standard work, point of use, kanban, pull systems, etc) to clearly understand the current state and design an improved process. They also have a track record in reducing defects, inventory, waiting-time, overproduction, unnecessary processing, and unnecessary movement of personnel or goods.

Furthermore, in addition to the tools and methods, they are experienced in managing the balance between the need for quick wins and the long-term effort required to change mindsets, behavior and culture. Our approach uses strong change management frameworks and skills to support a successful and sustainable transformation of the business.

Combining your company's challenges with Tefen's expertise will result in optimized business performance and improved customer satisfaction.

Six Sigma

For more than two decades, we at Tefen have been assisting our customers with implementing the six sigma methodology. The business benefits that we have witnessed have been extremely high, from cost reduction caused by reduced process variation, to truly satisfied shop-floor employees with improved, structured & clear manufacturing processes.

Our group of ASQ certified Six Sigma Black Belts assists our customers in various ways, ranging from training, coaching and certifying employees to the practical implementation of Green Belt and Black Belt projects.

Throughout the DMAIC stages, we help implement a wide range of six sigma tools. Our toolbox includes many powerful and useful methods for process improvement, from the basic (SIPOC, CTQ, process mapping, sigma calculator, etc.) to the more advanced (DOE, complex statistical analysis software).

Our training and coaching curriculum covers a wide spectrum of knowledge: basic and advanced statistics, implementation of improvement tools, managing and leading change, soft skills and other proven expertise.

Our six sigma programs integrate classroom learning with real tangible business benefit, and are tailored to the specific needs of our customers. Employees learn to identify and resolve gaps, both in core processes such as manufacturing and quality, and also in areas such as R&D, service, engineering and other supporting functions.

Capacity Planning and OEE

Capacity planning is a fundamental but complex element in every manufacturing organization due to the necessity to specify the right number of resources. Good capacity modeling allows companies to avoid poor delivery performance and lost sales caused by insufficient resources. It will also help companies avoid excessive costs and wasted labor caused by excessive capacity.

Tefen provides a set of services that supports an organization's goals, such as our full capacity assessment, long-term and short-term capacity model design, FTE requirement model design, and other related services. Tefen has extensive experience in capacity planning projects in various industries such as pharmaceutical, chemistry, semiconductor, food, beverage and others.

Improving an organization's OEE leads to increased capacity and increased flexibility, thus helping organizations meet their overall demands as well as their short-term schedules, all the meanwhile using their resources efficiently. Tefen has its own methodology for rapid OEE improvement, as well as for laying an infrastructure for OEE measurement and control.

Facility Design

A good facility design is the basis for operational excellence. Tefen has performed many successful projects in this area, covering a wide range of design levels from the conceptual design down to the ergonomics of a workstation.

Using our comprehensive knowledge of good practices in manufacturing and supply chain, and considering critical drivers such as product flow, inventory, line efficiency, man-machine interface, logistics, automation and ergonomics, we can design excellent facilities that help businesses achieve their strategic and operational objectives.


Let's work together!

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